Friday, July 31, 2009

Back and better than ever

The blog took a few days off between the OC vacation and today.We spent part of Monday celebrating my sister's birthday and visiting Izzy. This week also included returning to work in Thurmont and rekindling old friendships with two favorite dining establishments - Bollinger's and Rocky's. (Is there any connection to my doctor telling me at Tuesday's appointment to adjust my eating habits?)

Today was yet another FCPS-created long weekend. Fridays off through most of the summer is great. I golfed 9 holes with my dad today before the rain arrived.

I must give props to Pam and tonight's dinner-crock pot pulled BBQ. I was teased by the aroma for hours this afternoon, and the meal did not disappoint!

Saturday and Sunday are wide open - there is a 50-50 chance that I will be very productive, or stir up some trouble.

Any predictions?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Food, Glorious Food

Wednesday - All-You-Can-Eat crabs at Higgins; dessert at Dumser's

Thursday - lunch at Smitty McGee's; dinner at Dough Roller on the Boardwalk; junk food at every turn as we made the rounds

Friday - dinner at Waterman's; dessert at Dairy Queen

Saturday - breakfast at Dough Roller ... perhaps a night time trip to Candy Kitchen or Fisher's.

Sunday - a day of food rest

Monday - back to the gym

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Live from Ocean City, It's Tuesday Night!

I don't know if it was a burnt offering, or just good clean livin', bur we have made out GREAT so far with weather here in OC. We came down on Sunday AM (before our 3:00 pm check-in) and enjoyed clear blue skies. Monday was more of the same, maybe a bit warmer.

(At this point, many of you may be saying "Marty, we already know this - Pam stole your Facebook account and blabbed that to everyone.")

When we got up this morning, it was raining - A LOT. I was due on the golf course at 8:30 am ... along with my brand new / old iron set. We set out to the course - about 15 minutes from the condo. When we turned onto the driveway of the course, the rain stopped. And it did not come back for the duration of the round. Decent weather ... occasionally decent golf.

The sun then decided to come out for good around noon. We got in three hours of beach time, and then headed upstairs.

But the information that inquiring blog followers want to know is "What have you eaten at the beach?" Ask, and ye shall receive:

Sunday - dinner at Tequila Mockingbird

Monday - dinner at Grotto Pizza ... the Lewes, DE "Grand Slam" location

Monday - dessert carry-out from Dumser's Dairyland

Tuesday - brunch after golf at Layton's on 92nd

More to follow ... the week is still young.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

My summer vacation, so far ...

1. I got a new set of golf clubs - just the irons. Nothing fancy - I bought a used set from a second-hand shop. Those of you in the know are aware that I am not a very accomplished golfer. My father is a pretty accomplished golfer, and has been kind enough to send my way clubs, balls, bags and advice in an attempt to better my game. To date, not much to show for the effort.

Rewind to last Friday - the golf outing in DE with my father-in-law Jim. With his mathematical and engineering brain power, he spent the day analyzing my game and said to me at one point, "Marty, your swing is OK. Your set up is OK. I think it's the clubs."

My clubs are from my dad ... those clubs were custom fit for a man of his height, not mine. Those of you in the know are probably laughing at that mental picture. By the way, does anyone know a good chiropractor?

I was slightly embarrassed that I never came to that realization - I was convinced that all of the bad golf was just my fault.

Now I could blame David. (just kidding).

So I took the new clubs to to the range today and ... not to shabby. I'm actually looking forward to our two rounds this week in Ocean City.

2. I got a pedicure. Pam was leading the chorus of "Your ogre toes will scare people on the beach." So, we sat in side-by-side chairs at the nail shop. Oh the carnage ... oh the inhumanity ... I'm not talking about the pedicure, but rather watching Tiger Woods on the TV in the nail shop. My day was better than his, and I was being jabbed and stabbed by a stranger with metal tools. By the way, the toes look pretty good.

3. Paul Blart - not very funny. We watched it last night. One of us fell asleep. The other one was jealous.

Must finish packing ... me and my ogre toes are hitting the beach tomorrow.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Quick trivia - Can anyone name the band that sings the aforementioned song, and/or any members of the band? Click here for the answer.

Now here's the funny part ... the band was four people, then had a break up. Three of the original members returned. The new, fourth member is named Michael Steele - a white woman, not to be confused with the black, male, former-lieutenant-governor of Maryland.

Sticking with the unnamed band for a bit longer, another member of the band made an appearance in all three Austin Powers flicks ... as a member of Austin's band "Ming Tea." The last two original members are sisters.

Coming back from the 1980's to the present, I had set out to write and complain about today being a Monday - a manic Monday ... see the connection?

I complain because:
  1. for the next three days, there are no sports on TV ... the baseball All-Star game does not count.
  2. without a remote control that works, I have to do crunches from the front seat of my car in order to change the Sirius radio receiver.
  3. because I cannot get a definitive answer if today is National French Fry Day, and/or National Beans-n-Franks Day. I'd prefer the fries, although beans and franks sounds funnier, especially in this clip.

I suppose it could be both ... makes you wonder if tomorrow is National Antacid Day?

Have a good day, and if you get some free time, walk like an Egyptian.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Greetings from Lewes

Cutting to the chase:

1. Golf was fun. Hi-lights included a par on the Par 3 17th, and a really good hot dog. Many thanks to my father in law for using his free golf voucher on our round today.

2. We got home from golf and were greeted by a 5-year-old (my 5-year-old) who was ready to head to the pool. It's summer, and I had the day to golf, so I rallied with my sun burned neck and headed off for a swim. Lilly is getting pretty brave in the water ... trying to swim, dunking her head, doing "cannon balls." We played and splashed - it was fun.

3. When we spend weekends in Lewes, we hardly lift a finger. Dinners are cooked for us, and the beverages are plentiful and free-flowing. In the morning, the Flavia coffee is fired up and ready.

4. It's "Happy Anniversary" #5 for Heather and Ross. Yes, I'm shocked too. Heather is a saint.

5. With Saturday and Sunday still ahead of us, the question is: Will the Rochlin family spend more money at the outlets, or on Grotto Pizza?

Shabbat Shalom!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Golf spelled backwards is ...

FLOG - which is what I might do to myself if this foray into golf takes a turn for the worse (or worse-er, whichever is most appropriate for a bad golfer).

I hit a bucket of golf balls today - more of them went airborne and straight than went into the ground right in front of me. I have a round coming up on Friday, and then two more while on vacation in Ocean City. Talk about a reason to drink ...

I have decided that golf is maddening for most people - just look at the titles of many golf books on the shelves at

Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Golf Book: 101 Great Stories from the Course and the Clubhouse - if there is a "Chicken Soup" book on a topic, head the other direction. When a hobby leads to your soul needing soup, that's a problem.

Golf Digest's Ultimate Drill Book: Over 120 Drills That Are Guaranteed to Improve Every Aspect of Your Game and Lower Your Handicap - Holy Red Flag! When a book talks about drills (think about math flash cards) and handicaps, run away! And by the way, when the title boasts "over 120," what number are we talking about - 121? 954? Be specific, please.

Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game - Seriously? As if mastering the swing isn't enough?

Lost Balls: Great Holes, Tough Shots, and Bad Lies - Enough said. Sounds like a night of drinking during college.

The Fundamentals of Quitting Golf - This game must be pretty complex if there is a book telling you how to quit.

Tune in next blog for an update on Friday's golf round, and other happenings from the Rochlin weekend in Lewes, DE at Casa de McDonald.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Finally Getting Some Recognition

When you think of "overshadowed" or "under-appreciated," what comes to mind?

I think of:

Let's add one more to the list - being July 5. Does anyone care about this day? It's a day for cleaning up after a BBQ, recovering from a late night / hangover, and getting on with the rest of summer.

Did you know that on July 5, in history:

  • The bikini made its debut in Paris - 1946
  • Huey Lewis was born - 1950
  • Arthur Ashe won the Wimbledon tennis championship - 1975
  • Dolly the cloned sheep was born - 1996

Join me in the quest to give July 5 its just desserts!

(By the way, July 5 is also National Apple Turnover Day. Bon appetite!)

PS - We had a fun and festive 4th ... many thanks to the Charkatz family for their pool, food, drink and a special invite-only fireworks show.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Concierge

Greetings and salutations ... the holiday weekend is close at hand, and with it comes cook outs and vacations and pool parties. I still laugh out loud at the thought of Lilly trying to learn to say "Happy Fourth of July!" Can't you just hear it? A kid with a mostly toothless grin announcing to everyone she saw "Happy Fuh - lie."

The blog has a handful of staunch supporters. Some do more than simply read. Others perform essential functions that give the blog material. Tonight, we celebrate "Pop" - Lilly's grandfather and my dad, David.

We often joke that Pop isn't retired - his job is to wait for phone calls when we need something. Today, it was semi-serious (Serious would be a phone call asking Pop to bring a lunch to Lilly at school because her parents forgot to pack and send one, or asking Pop to spend the bulk of two different days waiting at our house for Sears repair technicians to come and NOT fix our appliances).

Today, Pam needed to unexpectedly drive our niece to meet her father ... Natalie came down with something during her visit here, so she headed home a day early to be able to see her doctor. Pam drove to meet Glen near the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

All of this is supposed to happen while Lilly has dance class at 5:00 pm. I was involved in packing up my office and could not get away from school easily. What would we do?

Pam said she would call me back - that meant a call to Pop. When Pam called back, Pop had been booked. He'd come get Lilly and take her to class - then I'd take over.


But wait - what about the shoes? Pam remembered that Lilly needed new shoes for dance class. The plan called for me to meet Pop and Lilly at the shoe store and then take Lilly to class.

Whew again!

As I am driving out of Frederick to meet Lilly and Pop, Pam calls - there's a new plan. Shoestore 1 does not have the shoes; Shoestore 2 does, and it is holding the shoes for us. I couldn't make it there in time ... but Pop could!

Pop and Lilly (keep in mind that Lilly is in full dance gear) headed to the mall.

They pull in to the dance studio parking lot around 4:40 pm. Lilly comes out of the back seat - chocolate donut in hand. Pop walks to me and hands me a dance bag, a bag of new shoes, a blue Gatorade and a handful of napkins.

If that wasn't enough of a bail out, Grammy and Pop picked up KFC for us all for dinner at their house, and then they kept Lilly for a sleepover.

And before you get any ideas, Pop is not for hire. By the time he's finished fetching for Lilly (and Pam and me) he'll be running across town for Isabella.

Good thing he didn't retire.