Saturday, August 15, 2009

Channeling Rodney Dangerfield

How many people were able to identify the "Back to School" movie reference from the title? Probably not many ... I have always had a bit of an off-beat view toward movies - two of my favorites of all-time include:

Clue - all three endings
The Hunt for Red October - "One ping Pricilly - one ping only please."

I also like TV shows that aren't on the Tivo list of many folks ... my weekly lists include:

Dark Blue
The Closer
Criminal Minds

I may try to watch the new NCIS-Los Angeles show ... LL Cool J is on it. I gave up on 24 and Prison Break. I like to watch reruns of House and Bones.

Getting back to Rodney ... his movie inspires me, as school begins for real on Tuesday. Teachers report, which means the kids aren't far behind. More so than in previous years, I'm looking forward to it, as it has been hard to get used to a new school when it's mostly empty. The Thurmont folks have been great so far, and it was nice to see / meet almost 200 families at the open house on Thursday.

For those keeping score, Fat Bachelor Friday had a low-key feel last night - I picked up sushi and watched a ton of TV - the PGA championship, the Orioles, and a bunch of stuff from Tivo.

Girls are on the way back from New Jersey - I better go and get my chores done!