Monday, September 14, 2009

The Big Crabcake

No, we're not talking about a dinner event at G & M, but rather M & T Bank Stadium - site of the Ravens' opening day win over the Kansas City Chiefs, 38-24. The stadium received that nickname from ESPN broadcaster Chris Berman - I believe the derrivation comes from Tampa(which happend to be the location of theRavens' Super Bowl victory in 2001). The Buccaneers played in Tampa Stadium, which was briefly renamed Houlihan's Stadium when the era of corporations buying the naming rights to sporting venues was in fashion. Berman had begun to call the building "The Big Sombrero" in reference to its hat shape.

The Ravens played at Memorial Stadium for a couple of seasons until Ravens Stadium opened near Oriole Park at Camden Yards in 1998. Before the M & T Bank acquired the naming rights in 2003, the building was called PSINet Stadium. That company filed for bankruptcy. Anyway, with the absence of a compelling or catchy name, Berman bestowed "The Big Crabcake" on the building.

Some folks can't stand Berman - I think he's harmless, and his cheesy shtick at least shows he passionate about covering sports and having fun.

Back to the Ravens for a minute - a win is a win. The team looked awesome at times, and asleep at others. They will need to fine tune some things before the Chargers games next weekend. Although, I will point out that San Diego was 8-8 last year. Ravens were 11-5.

Food for thought - there really is nothing like a breakfast at Lenny's on a Sunday morning during football season. Everyone is wearing purple - patrons, cooks, cashiers. The pancake combo with eggs and bacon was great, not to mention the bagel and lox. Sipping coffee, talking about football and just relaxing. Too bad I had to ruin the experience by actually going to a football game and having a stomach ache for almost four quarters. It had nothing to do with the food, but rather the up and down play of the football team. Up 10-0, down 14-10, up 17-14, tied 17-17, up 24-17, tied 24-24, up 31-24, up 38-24.

By the way, the spread was 13. Boy is Vegas smart.

Quick education notes - Catoctin High School football (where ALL of our students go) is 2-0 after a win on Thursday night. Keep it up, fellas.

My daugher loves Kindergarten; my wife likes third grade; I still like middle school.