Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Live from Ocean City, It's Tuesday Night!

I don't know if it was a burnt offering, or just good clean livin', bur we have made out GREAT so far with weather here in OC. We came down on Sunday AM (before our 3:00 pm check-in) and enjoyed clear blue skies. Monday was more of the same, maybe a bit warmer.

(At this point, many of you may be saying "Marty, we already know this - Pam stole your Facebook account and blabbed that to everyone.")

When we got up this morning, it was raining - A LOT. I was due on the golf course at 8:30 am ... along with my brand new / old iron set. We set out to the course - about 15 minutes from the condo. When we turned onto the driveway of the course, the rain stopped. And it did not come back for the duration of the round. Decent weather ... occasionally decent golf.

The sun then decided to come out for good around noon. We got in three hours of beach time, and then headed upstairs.

But the information that inquiring blog followers want to know is "What have you eaten at the beach?" Ask, and ye shall receive:

Sunday - dinner at Tequila Mockingbird

Monday - dinner at Grotto Pizza ... the Lewes, DE "Grand Slam" location

Monday - dessert carry-out from Dumser's Dairyland

Tuesday - brunch after golf at Layton's on 92nd

More to follow ... the week is still young.