Monday, December 7, 2009


Am I being a whiner when I say that the Ravens game tonite will end SO late ... ?


But they "control their own destiny" ... what does that really mean exactly? For football, it means "the Ravens can win all of their remaining games and make the playoffs without needing another team to lose." In life ... well ... that's a bit more complex?

I can barely control the weedwacker when I mow and manicure the area known as my lawn. I surely cannot control my wife or daughter. How the heck am I supposed to control a destiny?

On to other matters ...

I appreciate the phone calls I received this weekend about my car crash ... WHICH DID NOT HAPPEN! I posted on Facebook that the parking lot at the Y was a mess - Xmas trees in one corner, lots of cars pulling in for a hoop tourney, and snow. The quote was something like "perfect recipe for a fender bender."

Who posts a car wreck on Facebook? Seriously. Not me ... yet. But since you all are such literal readers, I'll slip in a few devilish posts to see if I can get a rise out of you.

For example:

Marty wonders where he can get bail money.

Marty is looking for brochures for 5-year-old-girl boarding schools.

Marty wonders what a bottle of Rogaine costs.

Feel free to call with your concerns.


Ravens win 24-16

I get a text asking "When can I wire the bail money?"

I get an email with a link to a school in Guam.

By the way, a funny hair story: Once upon a time, my dad took me to see a hair transplant doctor. We went inside the waiting room. We met the doctor. I learned that he was a former urologist.

We left.