Sunday, August 9, 2009

So long summer ...

I hate to be a downer, but summer officially ends tomorrow with the return of 5-day workweeks in Frederick County Public Schools. Friday's just won't be the same, but it was great to have a bunch of 3-day weekends. Somehow, it was not so much of a chore to deal with the lawn (keep your "it's just a townhouse lawn" comments to yourself)

The management of the blog would like to apologize for the time lapse between postings - we've been busy with:
  • swimming - Lilly's is almost a swimmer ...
  • bike-riding - we took off the training wheels, but then aborted the experiment and put them back on
  • an impromptu trip to Dutch Wonderland; Perfect weather, minimal crowds and an easy drive each way. The diving show with the "frogs" and princess was pretty amazing. And to wrap up the day, while driving home we made a pit stop at Sonic for snack. It was our first trip ever to Sonic - the food was OK, but it was cool to see a guy on roller blades deliver the food to our car. Besides Lancaster, PA and Bridgeville, DE, are there any other Sonic establishments around?
The girls are going to milk summer for a bit more fun - a beach trip to see family in NJ, and then Lilly has a soccer camp on tap (with Brits, no less).

By the way, we're selling some Raven tickets - holler if you are interested.