Sunday, July 5, 2009

Finally Getting Some Recognition

When you think of "overshadowed" or "under-appreciated," what comes to mind?

I think of:

Let's add one more to the list - being July 5. Does anyone care about this day? It's a day for cleaning up after a BBQ, recovering from a late night / hangover, and getting on with the rest of summer.

Did you know that on July 5, in history:

  • The bikini made its debut in Paris - 1946
  • Huey Lewis was born - 1950
  • Arthur Ashe won the Wimbledon tennis championship - 1975
  • Dolly the cloned sheep was born - 1996

Join me in the quest to give July 5 its just desserts!

(By the way, July 5 is also National Apple Turnover Day. Bon appetite!)

PS - We had a fun and festive 4th ... many thanks to the Charkatz family for their pool, food, drink and a special invite-only fireworks show.