Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh my aching back!

A glimpse inside of the trials and tribulations of my world ...

I'm was putting away laundry after Lilly FINALLY went to bed ... she cried and yelled and hollered and growled about being sent to bed (she had pushed her luck one too many times about baking cupcakes). Somehow through all of the antics we made it to the bathroom, got teeth brushed, pajamas on, and into bed - clutching three pancake bears very tightly.

Pam calls from the garage that I need to come to the car ... she had just returned from taking our niece to Rita's for a sweet treat. I seems the power seat was acting up - I tried to fiddle with it and got stuck in the forward-most position. Not comfortable unless you are very flexible.

Long story short, we rushed the car over to the dealer's night-drop and borrowed a car from Dennis - our hero! (While he's on injured reserve, there's an extra car in his driveway.)

USA soccer lost, the O's have lost 2 in a row ... isn't football season around the corner?