Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Greetings from Lewes

Cutting to the chase:

1. Golf was fun. Hi-lights included a par on the Par 3 17th, and a really good hot dog. Many thanks to my father in law for using his free golf voucher on our round today.

2. We got home from golf and were greeted by a 5-year-old (my 5-year-old) who was ready to head to the pool. It's summer, and I had the day to golf, so I rallied with my sun burned neck and headed off for a swim. Lilly is getting pretty brave in the water ... trying to swim, dunking her head, doing "cannon balls." We played and splashed - it was fun.

3. When we spend weekends in Lewes, we hardly lift a finger. Dinners are cooked for us, and the beverages are plentiful and free-flowing. In the morning, the Flavia coffee is fired up and ready.

4. It's "Happy Anniversary" #5 for Heather and Ross. Yes, I'm shocked too. Heather is a saint.

5. With Saturday and Sunday still ahead of us, the question is: Will the Rochlin family spend more money at the outlets, or on Grotto Pizza?

Shabbat Shalom!