Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I've been pondering ...

If you didn't know that the title of today's blog comes from a radio legend named Alan Walden, do yourself a favor and look him up.

Issue #1
Despite the fact that I find comedian Jim Breuer to be more annoying than funny, he landed one of the best commercial gigs. Pizza Hut now has a stuffed crust pan pizza. You can not be serious (speaking of funny, John McEnroe is funny)! Pizza Hut is not at the level of some of our local pizza establishment favorites such as Pasta Blitz (Howard County), Maria's (Baltimore County) and J & P's (lots of counties - originally Frederick). But the "Hut" is kid / family friendly, has Romano Cheese salad dressing, and a buffet for lunch in many locations. Yum. I look forward to sampling the new pizza and reporting back.

Issue #2
I'm just a bit jealous (and puzzled) how Howard County teachers get two consecutive four-day school weeks to open the school year. I know that the teachers have to work on Friday (attending meetings), but Frederick County opens up with two straight full weeks of school. Our kids and teachers stepped up to the plate to start the year, while Howard County is skating with just eight. To be fair, Frederick County kids are off on September 25 for "Fair Day." By the way, the "Great Frederick Fair" is pretty awesome.

Issue #3
My fantasy football team is sweet. I have Donovan McNabb, Reggie Wayne, Larry Fitzgerald, Marques Colston, Daren McFadden, Jonathan Stewart, Vernon Davis and the Dolphins D. "Championship!"