Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blogging ... Twitter-Style

So what is this Twitter thing all about? After doing some reading and research, I think I may be on the verge joining the revolution.

Sure, Facebook is cool, but I do not turn to Facebook for videos, pictures, games, quizzes or just trying to check out who's doing what. I use Facebook to pose a random thought / joke, and to see what other silliness people are up to. Facebook works this way for me - there are some folks whose updates I look for, and other folks who I expect to comment on my updates. Then there are the people who seek you out - people from the old neighborhood, or from grade school, or from college, or from work, or from camp, etc. We'll exchange a few notes, and then it's back to "out of sight, out of mind." No ill will ... there's just too much going on to keep up.

I view it like this - Twitter is a way to send a text message to a whole bunch of people, and see what they fire back at you.

Blogging requires a bit more intensive writing than Twitter ... as in way more than the 140 character limit that Twitter enforces. I like the Blog platform ... sometimes I want to say a bit more than just posting things like:

"The Ravens are in the playoffs - not Pittsburgh, not Washington."

"I had a 2-hour delay for school on Wednesday - you didn't."

"Gilbert Arenas ... NRA member?"

Then again, posting those kinds of things are kinda fun.

So, if you start to hear from me via Twitter, don't be scared. I'll keep up the blog, and I'll pop in and out of Facebook.

Some quick blog updates:

My Ravens ... tough loss in Pittsburgh, good win in Oakland, Foxboro here we come. I think the Ravens stick with the running game / hard-nosed approach and win a close game. They played New England close in the Patriots' run toward perfection in 2007, and then again earlier this season. The first loss was due to penalties, the next loss was due to choking in the clutch. Third time is the charm. Then, a trip to Indy for a rematch? I won't venture down that road ... until Sunday.

My father-in-law ... had knee replacement surgery. He's doing fine now, recovering and being a model patient. I slipped the doctor a few extra dollars to give Jim a mega-knee ... the Ravens need a reliable place kicker.

My family ... on the Rochlin side is excited to be returning to Bethany Beach this summer. After taking a year off to adjust to life with Isabella, we're all heading back to Sea Colony on July 31. I can taste the Grotto pizza already.

Maybe more snow on Thursday night ... could be a long weekend.