Monday, July 13, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Quick trivia - Can anyone name the band that sings the aforementioned song, and/or any members of the band? Click here for the answer.

Now here's the funny part ... the band was four people, then had a break up. Three of the original members returned. The new, fourth member is named Michael Steele - a white woman, not to be confused with the black, male, former-lieutenant-governor of Maryland.

Sticking with the unnamed band for a bit longer, another member of the band made an appearance in all three Austin Powers flicks ... as a member of Austin's band "Ming Tea." The last two original members are sisters.

Coming back from the 1980's to the present, I had set out to write and complain about today being a Monday - a manic Monday ... see the connection?

I complain because:
  1. for the next three days, there are no sports on TV ... the baseball All-Star game does not count.
  2. without a remote control that works, I have to do crunches from the front seat of my car in order to change the Sirius radio receiver.
  3. because I cannot get a definitive answer if today is National French Fry Day, and/or National Beans-n-Franks Day. I'd prefer the fries, although beans and franks sounds funnier, especially in this clip.

I suppose it could be both ... makes you wonder if tomorrow is National Antacid Day?

Have a good day, and if you get some free time, walk like an Egyptian.