Thursday, June 25, 2009

Everything Old Is New Again

With a musical introduction from Barenaked Ladies, I write today about returning to one's roots - sort of.

On Thursday, I learned that I had been transferred from Crestwood Middle School to Thurmont Middle School. The move is bittersweet - while I will miss the staff and community that made up Crestwood, I look forward to a new opportunity. I am flattered by some of the kind words and notes that were passed on to me today, and I hope to contribute to the Thurmont school community. The Thurmont folks have been gracious in welcoming me to the team.

This is not the first time that I have worked in Thurmont. I worked as a staff member from 1992-2003 at Camp Airy. Summers at Airy began for me in July of 1984. It was my love of Airy that led me to a career in education - how else could I have summers off? I went from camper to trainee to counselor, and later to a stint as one of the directors. I grew up there, and learned about friendship, service and loyalty. I made life-long friends there - old and young, American and Brit (and West Virginian).

Speaking of life-long friends, I made many at Crestwood. I affectionately refer to them sometimes as my "handlers;" they accepted me on Day 1 in July 2004 and haven't wavered. They inspired me every day - they made coming to work a privilege, and they taught me so much. They are always up for a good meal. That's a tradition we will hopefully sustain.

So, the new place is really an old place. I leave behind friends and head to a place where I first learned to make friends. I am eager to see what else there is to be learned, and what new traditions are there for the celebration.