Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The blogger is a slacker

Yup, that's me. But let's make up for lost time ...

It has snowed a bit recently - that's an understatement. Snow-Pacalypse Part 2 threw a wrench into lots of Super Bowl plans (nice job, Saints), and wiped out 2 days of school. Now, for good measure, there's another boat load of snow about to hit us, wiping out the rest of the school week ... and Spring Break.

I am grateful that I have job flexibility to work from home on days when administrators are scheduled to report. So, I can keep up on email while drinking coffee and lounging around in sweatpants.

I am also grateful for ibuprofen.

Back to the school topic for a minute ... without getting too deep, all of this snow is taking away instructional days that the kids and teachers need to get ready for the big MSA tests. The test results label a school as "failing" or "succeeding." If you are a school that struggles, any days lost for test prep are an issue. Complicating the issue, at least for our school, is the fact that we planned a two-week, after-school MSA test prep program for kids on the edge of pass / fail. The snow has wiped out the first few days of that. The test dates cannot be moved, as there are other vendors tied to test printing, shipping, scanning and scoring who are locked into many tests in many states. So, we cross our fingers and hope the kids and teachers can rise to the occasion.

It's snowing ... again ... ouch, I think my back is about to hurt.

(Blogger's note ... I wrote a bunch of clever stuff about this weekend being a festive one on account of my birthday, Lilly's birthday and Valentine's Day. I saved it, went to have dinner, and now it's gone. This is the second time my material has disappeared this week - I wrote about tee shirts and Chuck Norris last weekend, but that is gone too).

That's all for now - I'm off to find the person responsible for deleting my stuff.