Tuesday, June 23, 2009

May the workforce be with you

I'm sure there is some TV sitcom episode - from "The Simpsons" or "Seinfeld" or "The Office" that hits on this, but it boggles my mind how some people at work can be totally clueless.

For instance, the guy at my meeting today. We had a administrative meeting with the Superintendent today - all principals, APs and other manager-types. It's the equivalent of the
State of the Union address, minus the national TV coverage. Anyhow, everyone knows to mind their P's and Q's, and be on time, and sit near the front, and pay attention.

Except for the guy on his laptop for the WHOLE meeting. I could see it all - first it was email, then some test score data crunching, then ESPN ... I could look the other way if he was texting, or just doodling, or even sleeping. But the laptop was a bit over the top

I can hear you saying, "Marty - you're a goody-goody - get over it." I get that, but I think I'm just miffed that someone would be so blatant in their act of not paying attention.

Other blatant, dumb workplace things include:

  • the one dummy that reheats seafood in the microwave ... and/or burns the bag of popcorn
  • the ding dong that parks so close to your car that you almost can't squeeze in at the end of the day - the white lines are there for a reason
  • the person that always clicks "Reply All" on email ... we don't care
And my biggest issue - the person that steals stuff out of the fridge ... this one really hits home - let me explain.

Almost five years ago, some friends at work surprised me and had Graeter's Ice Cream shipped to me at school . It's the best. I put the six pints in the staff lounge freezer around noon - when I went back to collect the cream at 3:30 pm, a pint had been pilfered.

I wanted to blow my top - get on the PA system and demand a return of my ice cream? But how would it look if one of the bosses rants and raves about missing ice cream? Talk about biting your tongue.

A few updates:

Dennis had his surgery yesterday - he's out of ICU today and on the mend.

Laura's keys have been returned, courtesy of a US Marshal (sort of).

Sean called me today - maybe I'll call back.