Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Off into the sunset

This post will mark the end of "Marty Rochlin has a blog?"

I do love to write, but it's hard to keep up the pace required for a good blog.

The blog had some good momentum a year ago with several updates from vacation in Ocean City, MD. Maybe I'll use Twitter or Facebook to share an occasional random thought, or maybe the blog will come back to life in another form.

I have dabbled in some writing as it relates to working in public education - assorted books, articles and presentation are swimming around in my head, all in search of a canvas. Part of this summer will be spent developing some of those ideas - coming up in December, I'll be presenting with a colleague at a school conference in Atlanta, GA. We have some decent ideas about teacher professional development, creating and sustaining a positive work climate, and helping schools and staffs make plans to address challenges. Maybe we get discovered or noticed.

Some of you teased me about writing, and some others encouraged me to write more often.

Either way, you read the blog. Thanks for that. Have a great summer.


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  1. I can't believe it. Now I will never know what is going on. Boyce